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Shakti 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Shakti 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Shakti 12 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Shakti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Soumya coming to Sukha’s house. Sunaina asks her to do the work. Sukha asks what did you tell to Harman yesterday. Soumya says she didn’t tell anything. Sukha says he came here yesterday and did drama. Gurmeet says Harman will not listen to his wife. Sweety feeds milk to Soham and asks Varun until when she will be his Servant and says she thought to go out after marriage, but that didn’t happen. Varun says one Soham goes where his destiny takes him, they will roam and dance…etc. He calls Lawyer and asks him if some party is found. Lawyer says yes, but searching NRI party. Varun says he wants rich party. His wife laughs. Soumya comes to Sunaina and asks her if she accepts that Varun doesn’t love her. Sunaina scolds her and says this is revenge of 10 years. Soumya records

in her mobile. Soham starts crying. Soumya asks Sweety to take Soham. Sweety says she has applied nail polish just now and will not take him. Soumya records in her mobile. Varun snatches the mobile from her hand and says I will check what is the recording. He asks if she recorded Soham. Soumya says I have recorded Soham in the mobile. Gurmeet asks Varun to give mobile to her. Soumya takes her mobile and sends to Harman.

Shakti 12th February 2019

Harman and their family see the video in which they see Sunaina and Sweety true colors. Soumya ends her work and requests Sunaina to show her Soham. Sunaina agrees and calls Sweety. Sweety comes with Soham. Soumya looks at him and says he is unwell. Sweety says I am his mum and knows says that he is having slight fever. Soumya asks them to call doctor or take him to doctor. Sweety insults Soumya. Soumya tells that she can’t go leaving the baby. Sunaina asks her to stay then. Varun says you shall do the work then. Sweety says Soham’s fever shall be fine and gives him to Soumya. Soumya checks his fever and says he is having much fever. Sweety says he is not the first baby. Soumya asks Varun to think of baby and tells that he is his own blood. Varun says I have no money as my ex wife didn’t bring any money and praises Sweety’s beauty.

Shakti 12 February 2019

Soumya asks how kind of people they are to use baby to take out enmity. Sukha asks Soumya to go home running and brings him here to become their Servant if she wants them to take Soham to Doctor. Sunaina asks him to go and bring Harman there, else don’t blame them. Varun tells Sukha that it will be fun to make Harman work there. Soumya comes running there and tells Harman that Soham is having much fever and they called you.


Preeto says it is their trick. Harak Singh says Harman is competent to take care of Soumya and Soham. Soumya and Harman are on the way. Soumya tells him about Sukha’s condition. Harman says he will not become their Servant. Soumya requests him to agree for Soham. Varun tells that don’t know if that Harman will come or not? Sweety says Harman is mad for Soumya and will come here. Harman says he is mad for his son and family also. Soumya enters removing her slippers. Sukha asks him to learn from his wife to remove shoes outside. Harman removes his shoes and comes inside. Soumya says I did what I asked you to do and asks him to call Doctor. Sukha calls Doctor. Doctor comes there and checks Soham. She gives him injection and gives prescription to Varun.

Shakti 13 February 2019

Precap:  Shakti 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update Soumya looks at baby and says he is unwell. Sweety says it happens to baby. Soumya asks them to take him to doctor. Sukha asks her to go to her house running and bring Harman there asking him to become Servant at his house. Soumya is shocked.