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Shakti 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Shakti 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Shakti 12 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Shakti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Shakti 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Sukha asking Harak Singh to handover Soumya to them and says who doesn’t have her own identity, how she will bring up a child. Harak Singh asks him to shut up. Someone throws stone on his head. Harak Singh shouts. Harman takes Harak Singh to hall and take gun from his hand and comes out. He aims gun at the villagers standing outside the door. He fires in air. Varun asks if he is mad? Harman says I know how to use gun like I use my tongue. He asks who wants to die? Sukha asks the villagers to pick stone and hit him. Harman asks them to remember that if they have stone in their hand, then he has gun. He asks them to throw stones at him. Soham cries hearing the sound. Preeto asks Soumya not to worry. Raavi takes Soham from her. Preeto says he must be crying, I will go and bring money.

Shakti 12th March 2019

Veeran tells Harak Singh that he has called Police. Harak Singh’s friend tells Harman that he wants to talk to Harak Singh. Harman calls Harak Singh. Harak singh asks his friend to ask them to leave. His friend asks why you made kinnar as bahu and made us eat food made by her. He asks him to give kinnar to them and says I will take your side. Harman gets angry. Harak Singh says she is my bahu rani and says what you would have done if your bahu is kinnar. His friend tells that he would have killed her the moment he came to know. He asks what happened to you that you went against everyone for a kinnar. Harman gets angry and says I will kill everyone. Harak Singh takes gun from his hand and takes Harman inside, and locks the door. Harak Singh says this is called worldly affairs, and says his friend also betrayed us. Veeran asks him to call some friend. Harak Singh says I will try.

Shakti 12th March

He calls him. One of the villager calls Maninder’s villager and tell him that Soumya is a kinnar. The villager is shocked. Harak Singh tells that the number is unreachable, and says we shall not tell our pain to anyone, and says they roam holding salt in their hand. Preeto tells Harak Singh, he must have understand that people is not loyal and tells that his ego and respect was all baseless. He says People changes with time. She says if we had told them about Soumya then this wouldn’t have happen. Soham cries. Harman asks Soumya to sing Lori. Soumya sings lori/lullaby and cries. Soham becomes quiet. Raavi also sings.

Shakti 12 March 2019

Varun tells the villagers that they shall pour petrol on Harak Singh’s house and burn it. Sarpanch says I agree, we shall burn the house. Inspector comes and talks about law and order. Harman takes gun from Harak Singh’s hand. Kinnars also come there. Varun tells the villagers that kinnars have so much respect in Harak Singh’s house. They never refuse their words. Sarpanch says we will make Harak Singh open the door using them. Harman calls Saya and asks them to leave, and not to worry about them. Saya says how can I leave? Harman says if Soumya is your daughter then I am your Damad, and I promise that I won’t let anything happen to your daughter. Saya says ok and is about to leave, when Varun holds her hand and calls her kinnar, asks her to take that kinnar out. Saya slaps him and asks him to behave. Harak Singh’s friend how dare you to raise hand on our community man. Varun says thee is no difference between an animal and kinnars. Saya says we are not having double standards like you, and says we are humans just like you and says you shall be ashamed of yourself, how can you all be so evil. She tells that Soumya has Aravan Devta’s blessings and her destiny is written which nobody can change. They all clap and leave.

Shakti 12 March

Inspector calls Harak Singh and asks why he kept pind here. Harak Singh asks when you will make them go and says if you think that I will handover my bahu rani to you or the pind, then this will not happen. Inspector asks him to solve the matter and says there shall be peace in the pind. Harman says do whatever you want, but we will not give Soumya to you, even if you kill us. Sukha and others protest against Harak Singh and Harman. Preeto asks Harak Singh not to be sad, but have strength. Soumya handovers baby to Raavi and says sorry to harak Singh. She says no villager used to look in your eyes, but now talking bad about you because of you. She apologizes to him and says my kinnar truth became a curse for you. She says she couldn’t give peace to her papa and says my family will not suffer because of me. The villagers want me, so please keep Soham with you and let me go out.

Precap:  Sarpanch asks Harak Singh to send Kinnar out. They release poisonous gas in the house. Everyone start coughing. The villagers tell that they will burn the house. Nani comes and asks she is still alive and will not let them harm her grand daughter.