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Shakti 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Shakti 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Shakti 17 May 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Shakti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Shakti 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Ved Ji comes to check Nihaal Singh who was unconscious. Suomya helps grind some herbs. Ved Ji says he has brain tumor. They give a few drops of herbal medicine to Nihaal Singh, who opens his eyes and wakes up. Nihaal Singh tells Ved Ji to go and serve a number of others deserving, why waste time after someone who is left with no time. Suomya tells Nihaal he will soon be fine. Nihaal Singh says he has accepted, maybe it’s his fate to die like this.

Shakti 17th May 2019

Afterwards, Suomya asks Nihaal about some family. Nihaal replies he is a Sinyasi and has no family or home. Preeto calls Suomya to hurry up. Nihaal Singh gets weepy that he once had a house and a family of his own. Suomya asks why he doesn’t go to his family then. He wish he again rejoins and for once kiss the soil he was brought into. But a Sinyasi life has its own limitations. He tells Suomya and Harman to leave, he will be fine. They take a leave from Nihaal Singh.

Shakti 17th May

Harman drops his wallet right there. Nihaal Singh reads his ID card, Harak Singh’s name and address as Gurdaspur. He wonders if Harman Singh is Harak Singh’s son. He inquires about Harman’s siblings, Harman replies they are two; a brother and a sister. He gets a call from Preeto and says they are just leaving the aashram. Nihaal Singh decides to leave this place before they return. Some men and Ved Ji come to see Nihaal Singh off. Ved Ji says Nihaal Singh isn’t fine, he needs treatment. Nihaal Singh says his life is meant to stay away from his dreams; he can’t stay here anymore.

Shakti 17 May 2019

At home, the preparations for pooja were ready. Everyone was waiting for Suomya and Harman. Nihaal Singh faints in the middle of market. Harman and Suomya’s car stops nearby. Suomya was at once worried and asks Harman to take him home. There, Preeto was being complemented by everyone as she looked ravishing. Harak Singh gets mischievous. Harman and Suomya reach with Nihaal Singh and call everyone outside. Preeto prepares the thaal of Pooja. Veeran and Harak Singh were shocked to see Nihaal Singh. Veeran tells Shanno he is their eldest brother, Nihaal Singh.

Shakti 17 May

Shanno smirks. Suomya asks Ankush for some help. Preeto drops the Pooja thaal. She steps backward and tells Harman to stop right there, this man won’t enter her house. The villagers had gathered around. Harman tells Preeto this is the man Suomya told her about. Preeto shouts why they brought him here. She runs inside. Suomya follows, handing Soham to Ravi. Shanno tells Harak Singh to stop Suomya, people are gathering around. Suomya convince Preeto that he helped them, and stood for her against everyone. He is very ill and needs their help. Preeto shuts the door of the house, unconvinced.

Harman shouts from outside that why this man can’t enter the house. Shanno tells Harman this is Nihaal Singh, elder brother of Harak Singh and Veeran. The elderly in the village also recognize Nihaal Singh. They ask Harak Singh if he won’t take his older brother inside. Harak Singh goes to get the door opened. He knocks at the door and says he knows Preeto is there. Preeto asks him to tell Nihaal Singh to leave, she doesn’t want to see him. Harak Singh says discussions resolve every matter. He says the whole village has gathered outside, it’s about Harak Singh’s respect. He would respect even if an enemy is here at Harak Singh’s place. Preeto wasn’t ready to let him in. Harak Singh requests Preeto to let him in for his sake. Preeto finally opens the door, but herself runs inside. Suomya was worried if they have committed some mistake, unknowingly.

Precap: Suomya apologized Preeto as she didn’t know this would hurt her so badly. Preeto tells Suomya to ask him leave. Suomya says he is ill, how she can ask him to leave right now. Preeto complains, Suomya wants to win both situations.