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Shakti 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Shakti 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Shakti 1 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Shakti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Varun’s Lawyer coming to the Panchayat and telling all lie about Harman and Soumya. He tells that Inspector shot Harman and Soumya ran away with the baby. Harman says he is lying, Soumya doesn’t have the baby at that time. He says I don’t agree with Panchayat. Soumya asks him to be silent for sometime. Sarpanch asks how to accept that your lawyer is saying truth. Varun calls Inspector. Sarpanch asks Inspector, did you shoot at Harman’s feet. Inspector tells yes. Soumya asks if the baby was with me. Inspector says yes and tells that Soumya ran away with the baby. He lies. Sunaina and Sweety lie too. Harak Singh says they are lying.

Shakti 1st March 2019

Varun says they don’t agree to Panchayat’s decision and says we might lie, but not these pics. He shows their Singapore pics. Varun says these pics are of Harman and Soumya and they are romancing. He says where was the baby in the pic. He says if they had gone to Singapore to get the baby, then why they roam in the city. Sarpanch asks Soumya if she has any proofs. Soumya says I have proof and asks him to assure that nobody will snatch baby from her. Sarpanch asks her to trust him. Soumya says I want to show you something. She shows video in which Sweety refuses to take Soham because she has applied nail polish to her nails. Sarpanch asks Varun to say. Varun says it was truth.

Shakti 1st March

Sweety says if 2 mins video do justice with me and says it is not proved that she has not stolen the baby. Sarpanch says Varun’s wife is right. He asks Soumya if she has any more proof. Soumya says yes. Varun asks Sukha what proof she is talking about? Soumya calls Varun’s lawyer wife, who comes there with his son. She tells that she has brought Lawyer’s wife to prove her truth and she will tell you all the truth. Lawyer, Sukha and Varun get shocked. Varun asks Sukha, if she tells the truth then we will be ruined. Soumya asks her not to worry and asks her to tell the truth. Shakti song plays….Sukha asks Lawyer to stop his wife. Lawyer asks why you have come here and asks her to go home. Harman says she will tell the truth and then will go. He asks Lawyer’s wife not to get scared. Lawyer asks her to leave else he will break her hands and legs. Sarpanch says this is Panchayat and you can’t do this with her, let her speak.

Shakti 1 March 2019

Lawyer’s wife tells Sarpanch that she is the witness. She tells that Varun used to come to her house to talk to her husband. She says they had given baby for adoption and they had went to Mumbai for this work. Sukha asks Lawyer to make his wife understand. Gurmeet threatens to kill her. Lawyer says my wife is mad. His wife asks him to swear on his son and say it is a lie. Lawyer says this is my profession and I can’t swear on my son to prove. He asks her to leave. He then keeps hand on his son’s head and says my wife is unwell and is undergoing treatment. He says they have provoked his wife. Varun asks Sarpanch to let her go. Gurmeet asks her to come else he will take her son. Harman asks him to keep the boy down. He says bhabhi ji and boy will not go. Lawyer asks Sarpanch that his wife is mad. Lawyer forcibly sends her with Gurmeet. Harak Singh gets worried. Raavi asks Soumya what we will do now. Harman tells that Panchayat kicked out the witness. Sukha says they are taking advantage of unwell woman.

Shakti 1 March

Harak Singh asks him to have patience. Sarpanch asks can I give importance to her statement who is unwell and asks if she has any proof to prove that Soumya didn’t steal the baby and Varun had given the baby for adoption. Shruti comes there and says I am the second witness. Harman tells Soumya that he called Mrs. Bhalla at night and she came at right time. Soumya hugs Shruti. Shruti says I will take care. Soumya tells Sarpanch that Varun gave baby to Shruti. Shruti tells that like Soumya said, we stay in Singapore and my husband had adopted baby from Varun legally and shows the adoption papers. Shruti says Varun had said that baby’s mother is dead and he had said that there is nobody in the family to take care of him, and he can’t take care of him. Shruti says they adopted the baby as they had lost a son and her husband thought she will come out of trauma. She praises Soumya and tells that she had given baby to Soumya seeing her true motherly love. Harman asks Panchayat to take a decision and give baby to them.

Precap:  Shakti 1 March 2019 Written Update Sarpanch gives baby to Soumya. Soumya is happy. Varun tells Panchayat that Soumya is a kinnar. Everyone is shocked.