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Shakti 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Shakti 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Shakti 3 June 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Shakti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Shakti 3th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya why she is taking revenge from him, just because he loved her immensely or gave his everything to her. Kinnar asks him not to go near Gurumaa. Harman says I fought with everyone for you and you have kicked us and came here to become Gurumaa. He says you are a betrayal. Soumya doesn’t respond to him and is leaving. Harman says if you ever loved me truly then reply to me. he asks if she is proud to become Gurumaa. He says every husband and wife have a fight, but no wife does what you have done. He asks her to answer him and asks where is her big talks. He asks her to answer else.

Shakti 3th June 2019

Soumya asks if he will raise his hand on her. She says don’t tell that you only loved me and tells that she has fought with the world with him, in the court and against his family’s hatred. She says I always supported you and forgot for a moment that I am a kinnar, because of his love and family’s love. She tells the saying that he made her realize that she is the shoes which might sparkled with polishing, but still worn in the feet. She says I have realized this and came to this world. She asks him to go home and live his life. Harman calls her betrayal.

Shakti 3th June

Soumya says I am blessing you that you and your family is happy always. She goes inside and recalls their moments. She cries. Harman says I will forget that I love you, got married to you, and will forget you. He says you also forget me, and says you have betrayed me. Kinnars come and asks him to go. Harman warns them not to touch him. He comes out. Saya is standing out and asks what happened inside. Harman says nothing is left now, everything is finished. Saya says don’t tell this and says your love is the example and asks if both of you get upset with each other then who will unite you.

Shakti 3 June 2019

She says she will beg infront of kinnars and get Soumya freed. Harman says everything is finished. He says I don’t want Soumya in my life now. He goes. Saya cries asking him to wait, says Soumya is your love, you can’t leave her. She cries miserably. Chameli pacifies Saya. Saya tries to talk to Soumya. The kinnars try to stop her. Soumya asks her to send her in. Saya goes inside. Soumya gets emotional seeing her. Saya asks what do you think that you are a woman whose tantrums, your inlaws will bear. She says why anyone will bear kinnar’s tantrums. She says Harman gave you love, marriage and everything. She says nobody will tell that you are right. She says you would have bear everything, as a thankyou gesture for the wonderful life.

Shakti 3 June

Soumya says she don’t want to live on their favors. She says Harman would have fought with her and scolded her like a husband, then she would have bear, but he made her realize that he is a kinnar and that Maa, Nani and Choti died just because of me and asked me to stay away from his mother. She says you could see only Harman’s pain and not seeing about my sacrifices. She says I feel suffocated whenever someone makes me realize about my identity and showed sympathy etc for me. She says I am a human and feels bad that I am a burden on everyone. She says she wants love and not in charity. She says if someone will make me realize again and again that I am a kinnar, then I am better here. She says even I am pained, but Harman ji will not understand that his words are echoed in my ears. She says I have accepted that they can’t stay together and that their marriage is unsuccessful. She asks Saya to make herself understand that she will never go back home to Harman ji or that house. Saya says mistakes can be rectified, if it is of self or of any family.

Shanno asks Veeran to make Harman understand else he will do something wrong. Harman comes home and says I will not do anything wrong and will make everything fine. He asks harak singh to call Lawyer and says I want divorce from Soumya. Harman says such decisions are not taken in a hurry. Harman says I am saying this with all the consciousness. He says Soumya has chosen her people, and played with my emotions, showed her value. Shanno smiles and says you are saying right, show her the right place for her. Sindhu tells Shanno that Harman didn’t realize his mistake and says Soumya is not wrong. Shanno shouts at her and asks her not to interfere in elders’ talk. Harak Singh asks Harman not to get angry. Harman says she became Gurumaa and don’t want to be my wife.

Preeto tells Harak Singh that Harman is sher putr and asks him not to worry about him. She says we did so much for Soumya, but she made me widow even when you are alive. Harak Singh asks her not to stress her mind. Raavi tells Sindhu that Soumya is not wrong, whatever Harman did or tell her was wrong. Sindhu asks what to do. Raavi says we can’t do anything at the moment.

Harman looks at Soumya’s saree in his room and throws it. It falls on the cupboard. Noore khuda song plays….Soumya also thinks of Harman. She recalls Preeto humiliating her.

Precap: Shakti 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update Harman comes to Soumya and throws her stuff on her. He asks her to check. Soham starts crying. Soumya holds his hand. Harman brushes her hand.