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Shakti 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Shakti 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Shakti 4 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Shakti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with the Panch ladies taking Soham with them. Soumya tries to stop them. They push Soumya and leave. Preeto cries and asks someone to inform Soumya to run away with Soham. Sukha comes to Harak Singh and reminds of his warning, and says you are standing here helpless, Harman is locked and Preeto is pleading. He says baby will be taken from Soumya, all Gurdaspur is seeing. Panch ladies bring Soham there. Soumya comes there and calls Soham. She picks the sickle kept there and asks the Panch ladies to stop. Her hairs flies in air…and Shakti song plays….Panch ladies get scared. Soumya takes her son back from Panch lady and hugs him. She says nobody will come near me, else I can kill anybody for my son. Preeto asks Soumya to run with Soham. Varun says they want to snatch my son by threatening

Shakti 4th February 2019

us. Preeto asks her to run. Sarpanch signs the Panch ladies. They hold Soumya’s hand and take away the baby from her. Soumya cries helpless. The panch member takes the baby from Panch lady and gives to Varun. Soumya is in shocked. Sukha thanks Panchayat and says my trust on Panchayat have become strong. Preeto calls Soumya and says they are taking Soham with them. Soumya cries and asks them to give her son back. She faints due to shock. Raavi comes there. Panch ladies and the sarpanch leave from there without showing any concern for Soumya. Harak Singh frees Harman. Harman, Preeto and others try to make Soumya gain consciousness. They take her home. Raavi sprinkles water on her face and tries to make her gain consciousness and asks her to open her eyes. Harman tells Harak Singh that he will take back Soham home, even if he has to kill everyone. Harak Singh stops him and tells that they can’t go against the society. Harman refuses to stay silent. Harak Singh says we will beg infront of God and will pray. Harman asks where is your God, he didn’t listen to your prayers when my son was snatched from me.

Shakti 4 February 2019

Varun takes his wife to Sukha’s house. Sunaina does their aarti and asks Varun’s wife to kick the kalash and gets inside. She tells that it is auspicious that new bride came to their house. Baby starts crying as the bride takes him. Sunaina takes baby from her. Maninder comes and kicks the kalash and says you have used me and betrayed me. Varun calls him ex sasur ji and tells Maninder that he is of no use to him and says even scrap merchant will not buy him. Maninder says I will not leave you. Varun says you have grown old and says anger takes human’s life sometimes and asks him not to threaten him and pushes Maninder out of the house. Maninder falls down. Varun closes door on his face and smiles.


Lawyer Mehta comes to Harak Singh’s house. Harak Singh says he wants him to fight a case and he can’t afford him to lose this case. He explains about Soham custody case. Soumya gains consciousness and asks where is Soham? She says he is crying, I want to go to him. Harak Singh asks Lawyer what we can do legally? Lawyer says nothing is in our favour as Surbhi told Soumya verbally to take care of her son, and there was no written statement. He says I am afraid that this case will drop out in the hearing.

Varun comes to his room and asks his wife to show her lucky face to him. She asks him to give muh dikhayi first. Varun says I will give later. She says you have nothing with you and says you have nothing with you. Varun tells him that his baby will earn for him. His wife hugs him and says she is sure that her future is bright with him seeing his confidence.

Harak Singh asks if the case will dismiss. Harman asks if he is a real lawyer or fake and asks him to throw all the law books and leave from there. Soumya comes to Harman and asks him to take her to Soham and says I didn’t see him since morning, and says if he don’t take her then I will go myself. Photographer comes and gives Soham and everyone’s pic to Soumya. He asks her to hang big frames on the wall. Soumya looks at him.

Shakti 5 February 2019

Precap:  Shakti 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update Soumya asks Harman to get her son. Harman comes to Sukha’s house to take Soham, but Gurmeet catches him and calls everyone. Harman asks him to beat him until he loses consciousness else he will take Soham with him.