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Shakti 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Shakti 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Shakti 6 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Shakti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Harman crying and taking out his pain infront of Harak Singh. Harak Singh, Preeto and Soumya cry. Preeto tells Soumya that everyone cares for Soham and is shattered now. She says we have to become each other’s strength/Shakti to bring Soham back home. Soumya goes to her room. Varun tries to keep the baby calm and clicks baby’s pic with his new wife. Sukha asks him to take pic when baby is laughing. Varun asks his wife to handle the baby then they will click pic with him. Soumya comes to the room and takes out an ointment. Harman says he is fine. Soumya says sorry and says she was blinded in mother’s love that she couldn’t see his father’s pain. Harman tells that he couldn’t stay without Soham so went to bring him back. Soumya cries and hugs him. She says everyone is missing

Soham. Varun comes to the Lawyer and tells that he loves his son a lot, but he is a single father and that’s why he wants to give his son for adoption. He asks him to search a family for him. Lawyer says I will search suitable family and contact you. Varun smirks.

Shakti 6th February 2019

Harak Singh tells Harman that Varun can’t raise the baby and tells that he and his bahu need the bahu first. Preeto says he has first right on the baby, but he can’t handle him. She worries for him. Soumya hears him and gets worried for Soham. Varun tells Sweety that he will dance with her and will play music. Sweety says your son will wake up. Varun says let him wake up, but shall not disturb our night. Soumya thinks to go there and check baby once. Varun and his wife are dancing and romancing. Soumya comes to Sukha’s house and looks at the baby through the window. She sees Varun and Sweety dancing. Soham starts crying. Soumya knocks on the window, but they don’t hear the sound. Soumya asks baby to become quiet and says I have come here, please be quiet. Varun sees Soumya standing at the window and asks what revenge she is taking on him.

Shakti 6 February 2019

Soumya says you was dancing when baby was crying? Varun asks if she is not afraid and tells that Harman is beaten up. Sweety opens the door and takes Sukha and others inside her room. She asks Soumya to leave from there and says she will push her, but then she might take her to Panchayat which they don’t want. etc. Soumya says I want to see him once. Varun asks her to go and closes the window. Soumya knocks on the window. Sukha asks everyone to sleep and says Soumya will cry for sometime and will leave from there.

Soumya sits down and cries. Harman wakes up in the morning and calls Soumya. Everyone gather there. Preeto asks if she is not in the room. Harman says no. Sunaina makes Soumya wake up and asks her to go. She says you slept here all night and says people might be thinking that we are troubling you. Soumya pleads infront of her that she wants to meet Soham once. Sunaina says why Varun will agree to me. Varun opens the window, and looks at Soumya. Soham cries. Varun closes the window.


Soumya asks Sunaina to let her see Soham once. Sunaina says I will not do anything. Soumya asks her to take her life, but let her see him. Sukha asks Sunaina to understand a mother’s pain being a mother. He tells that you are getting aged, and we shall not make new bride work, so we need a Servant. He asks Soumya to work as a maid in the house. Sunaina asks Soumya to get inside and work as a Servant, says she will try to make her see Soham. Sukha says if she works well then we will get her touch him too. Soumya agrees to do all the work. Sukha asks her to go home and get written statement from Harak Singh that they have no objection if she works as a Servant at their house. Soumya says ok. Harman comes there and asks if she is fine? He asks why did she come? Soumya asks him to come home, and says I will tell you.

At home, Harman asks Soumya if she is mad to go there as a Servant. Harak Singh says they will not give Soham in your hands. Harman says they want to humiliate us and will not give you Soham. He says they want revenge. Soumya tells her Soham is Choti’s safekeeping and if she goes there, she can look after him.

Shakti 7 February 2019

Precap:  Shakti 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update Harman says you will not go there as a Servant. Soumya says I will go. Preeto says if Soumya goes there, then she can record in her mobile, how they are behaving with Soham. Soham cries. Soumya gets worried. Sunaina asks her to work.