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Sitara 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Sitara 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Sitara 11 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Sitara full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Albeli tells her sister to have faith. Nothing will happen to you. Vrinda says I met my daughter after so long but these Rajvanshi’s couldn’t let me be happy. They separated my daughter once again from me. Sitara refuses to let her go away from her. Vrinda says I wish it was true but we cannot be together in this birth. We let go of our enmity and tried to be friends with Rajvanshi’s but they only understand the language of love. You will have to fulfil my last wish if you really love me. You have to take revenge from Rajvanshi’s for all their misdoings. Sitara promises her mother. I wont spare them for separating a mother a daughter. Maharaja Ratan Pratap Singh has kept a daughter away from her mother. He will be surely punished for this sin. Vrinda tells Albeli to go to palace with Albeli. You

will tell her the difference between right and wrong. You will always stay by her side. Albeli nods. Vrinda looks at Sitara emotionally. Promise to give immense pain to the Rajvanshi’s for the pain they have given to us. Sitara promises her with a kiss on her forehead. She turns into her Vishkanya avatar and heads towards the palace followed by Albeli.

Sitara 11th February 2019

A human scorpion appears in their way. They turn their direction but the human scorpion keeps blocking their path. Sitara dugs the land and makes him fall in the pit. They walk further towards the palace. The human scorpion blocks their path yet again. This cycle continues until Sitara burns him into ashes. Sitara says I vow to seek revenge for my mother from these Rajvanshi’s. Everyone who will come in my way will meet the same fate. This Sitara wont calm down till the time I achieved my mission. Albeli tells her they are proud of her. This is what we expected from you. We must part ways now. You should go inside the palace in your human avatar. I will look for some other way to enter inside the palace. Sitara nods. Sitara tells Viraj to start counting his days. You have very limited days left! Albeli also says something similar.

Viraj is getting ready but feels as if the wedding isn’t right. Something is pulling me back. Sitara looks at him from the door. She thinks of her mother and how the Rajvanshi’s have killed her mother. She walks closer to Viraj. I trusted you so much but you killed my mother! Rani Sa calls out to them cautioning Sitara. Viraj is surprised to see Sitara. Rani Sa compliments Viraj. I cannot believe you are so grown up. You will be married tonight! Viraj seek her blessings. Rani Sa calls him her life; her reason to live. I am proud of the way you have grown up. Nethra is a very lucky girl. She will be very happy with you. I am sure you wont change after the wedding. He agrees to try. Sitara thinks it is a sham. I will finish it today!

Rajguru instructs Kuldeep to alert everyone to be cautious. They notice the third needle of the clock ticking faster. They understand that one of the Vishkanya’s is outside. Kuldeep goes to alert everyone.

Samrat’s father calls out a servant to bring him a glass of water. Albeli comes there dressed as a servant and hands him a glass. She removes her dupatta and looks at him. He drops the glass in shock seeing her blue eyes.

Sitara 11 February 2019

Rajguru is on his way to Vishloka. He notices the ashes of human scorpion lying on the way. It means one of them is outside in her real avatar. Who is it? He goes inside to check but it is empty. He calls out to everyone one by one. Chabeeli and Surili ask him why he is shouting. We are here only. Why are you here at this time? It is Viraj’s wedding right now. He tells them not to worry about that. Where is Vrinda and Albeli? He threatens to hurt them when Vrinda steps forward. Our silence is often mistaken as our weakness. It is wrong! Rajguru asks about Albeli. They laugh in unions. Vrinda shares that Albeli is at the place she deserves to be. It is time to pay back for the miseries you have made us go through.

Albeli’s nails grow longer. Samrat’s father panics. He calls out for help and even tries to leave but she holds his hand firmly. Kuldeep tells the guards to check every corner of the palace and let me know if you find anything suspicious. Samrat’s father shouts for help. Kuldeep hears him and rushes towards his room. Sitara smiles.

Albeli bites Samrat’s father. His body turns blue in few seconds and he falls on the floor writhing in pain. Vrinda tells Rajguru they have played enough games. It is our turn now. We will take revenge for every single pain that you have inflicted on us. Kuldeep looks at Samrat’s father lying unconscious on the floor. Guards try to step forward but he warns them against it.

Vrinda, Surili and Chabeeli turn in their original avatar. Vrinda tells Rajguru she is letting him go today as he isn’t carrying a weapon with him today. I wont spare you next time. I will surely turn this wedding a cemetery today! Rajguru assures her he will fight till his last breath to protect the royal family. Vrinda is positive she wont fail this time as her daughter is with her. The girl who you were using as your shield is on our side now!

Sitara 12 February 2019

Precap: Sitara 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Rajguru applies medicinal herbs on Samrat’s father. Everyone is gathered in one room only. Albeli peeks from a door. Sitara and Albeli exchange a smile. Viraj wonders aloud as to why someone did this to his Chachu. He hasn’t hurt anyone. Sitara replies that it is all about karmas.