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Sitara 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Sitara 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Sitara 3 June 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Sitara full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Sitara 3th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Sitara comes to the venue. Viraj (Hariyali) walks up to her and holds out a rose for her. Sitara gladly accepts it. Janam Janam song plays. They both kiss each other on their foreheads and dance romantically. Viraj (Hariyali) is now holding Sitara from behind.

Sitara 3th June 2019

Viraj is in the fair. He stops by a shop selling dupatta’s recalls buying one for Sitara in the past. She would like it if I will take one more. Sitara says I was waiting eagerly for this moment. Viraj (Hariyali) steps away from her and comes to her real avatar. Viraj is shocked to find the dupatta torn. Why does it feel like Sitara is in some danger? Hariyali smiles at Sitara. Viraj starts running. Sitara comes to her Vishkanya avatar. Hariyali shows the weapon to Sitara. Viraj is still running. Hariyali.

Sitara 3th June

tries to hurt Sitara but she holds her hand. They struggle with the weapon and one of them ends up getting stabbed. Viraj reaches just then and shouts Sitara’s name in shock. He helps her stand and realises that Hariyali got stabbed. Hariyali says the tree was right. This weapon only kills the evil! Sitara is indeed a pure soul which is why she survived every single time! I did wrong with you for my selfish love! Please forgive me Viraj. I don’t deserve forgiveness from Sitara but please forgive me if possible. Sitara bends down. I forgive you. Everything has been put behind us. I want you to be free from your sins so we can meet as friends in your next birth. Hariyali asks Viraj if he forgave her too. Viraj kneels down next to her. Hariyali keeps Sitara’s hand in Viraj’s hand. You are really lucky to have a wife like Sitara! She breathes her last.

Sitara 3 June 2019

Viraj is tending to Sitara’s wounds. She asks him how he came home. you went to the fair with everyone else. Why did you return? He shrugs. I felt as if you were in some problem. It is strange but I don’t know why I experienced that! Maybe our connection, our bonding, our love! He goes quiet and tells her to rest. I will check on Ma. Surya comes there just then. He asks Sitara about her wounds. She tells him everything. Surya thanks Viraj for saving Sitara’s life. I have to speak t her about something. You can go wherever you are going. We will talk till then. Viraj says you can talk right away. Surya insists it was important. He turns to Sitara. I hope you can understand. Sitara nods. She asks Viraj to talk to his mother till the then. Viraj leaves. Surya tells Sitara that this is the best time to hold the Vishkanya’s their hostage right now. She asks him to come to Vishloka with her but he shares that he has checked there already. They aren’t there! Sitara wonders if they ran away hearing about Hariyali’s death.

Sitara 3th June 2019

Albeli and Surili are worried after what happened. We must leave! Vrinda says running away wont get them anything. Sitara has my blood, my poison! I am her mother! She will become powerless if we get that poison out of her! They ask her how it can be done. Everyone is shocked to see the wounds on Sitara’s body. Rani Sa asks her about it. Viraj narrates everything. Yamini is relieved to hear that Hariyali is no more. She thanks Sitara for saving her son’s life indirectly. He will be in pain for sometime but it is better to cry today then cry forever! She excuses herself.

Rani Sa tells Sitara to forget everything. focus on your tomorrow. You couldn’t come in the fair but we got you this Prasad. You have to light diya in Kuldevi’s temple being the DIL of the house. Sitara nods. Padmini touches Rani Sa’s feet but Rani Sa turns to Viraj. Boys touch feet and not girls. Padmini says you proved that you love me more than Bhai. They share a hug. Sitara gets teary eyed. Surili is watching them. Viraj asks Sitara why she looks so upset. She tries to avert the topic but he asks her to share the problem. She says I could see that a mother-daughter relationship is very beautiful whereas my Ma only taught me hatred. Rani Sa tells her that she is with her. Surili thinks she is the one who chose to be their enemy. It was you who cheated us! You will get punished for this!

Padmini is concerned about Sitara but she assures her she will be fine. Rani Sa has asked me to go to the temple. I cannot say no to her. Help me get ready. Padmini agrees.Surili takes the avatar of Bhim Singh (Sitara’s driver). They leave for Kuldevi temple.

Surya comes to Sitara’s room but does not find her there. Viraj shares that she went to Kuldevi temple. What is so important? Surya says I wanted to talk about Vishkanya’s. Viraj reminds him that people sleep at this time generally. Rani Sa joins them. Viray bids goodnight to Surya who leaves. Rani Sa asks Viraj if everything is fine. He nods. He shows her a gift that he has brought for Sitara. She smiles. I was sure you would accept your love one day. Why this idol? He says Sitara misses her mother very much. I cannot make up for it but I think this idol can make up a bit. I am sure she would love it. Rani Sa nods. I will give her the love that she has been devoid of till date! I assure you she will never miss her mother! Viraj hugs his mother sweetly.

Precap: Sitara 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update Sitara’s car meets with an accident. She has passed out. Albeli and Surili are holding her. Vrinda is about to cut her wrist when Viraj and Surya reach there. Viraj shouts Sitara’s name.