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Tantra 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Tantra 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Tantra 12 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Tantra full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Niyati was shocked to see the decoration in her room. Akshat explains it’s their first night and he couldn’t spoil it. Niyati asks if Akshat isn’t disturbed by the loss of his house, his father is also worried. Akshat says they aren’t on foot path and got another house to live. He makes her sit in front of the mirror and corrects her that she will call him ‘Aap’ as a symbol of respect, after all he is her husband. Niyati says he turned her husband only some hours ago, but they are friends for longer. She will call him what she did. Akshat says these wedding rituals, mangal sooter, sindoor grants him the respect; she will also touch his feet in respect. Niyati was annoyed and says respect comes through heart. If he wish her to respect him, he must earn it. She goes aside to sit on the bed.
Akshat joins her with his reddened eyes. He turns her towards himself and says this argument must end now. He removes her dupatta and wonders how long she will continue wearing it, take it off. He tries to get intimate. Niyati pushes him away saying she isn’t ready yet, he is also not in his senses. Akshat comes to her and says he can’t wait anymore, I want it now. Niyati resists his grip. Niyati’s eyes filled in tears, she slaps Akshat who fell on the floor. Niyati steps into the washroom. Akshat laughs as his eyes flash red.

Tantra 12th February 2019

In the washroom, Niyati cries in front of mirror. She cries sitting on the washroom floor. She thinks may be Akshat get fine when back in senses, he was drunk for the first time. She comes out to speak to Akshat and finds the room decorated with flowers and lights. She calls on Akshat’s mobile, the bell rings from within the room. Niyati looks around and asks if it’s a hide and seek. She finds his cell phone on a nearby table. The door of her room suspiciously opens. Niyati walks outside and finds the whole house still decorated and lighted. She steps downstairs towards the pool. The main door was open. She thinks Akshat must have gone outside.

Someone approaches Niyati from behind. It was Sumati, she asks Niyati what she is doing her so late. Niyati says she came downstairs to take water into the room. Sumati senses she is hiding something. Sumati was concerned if there was some difference between her and Akshat. Niyati says Akshat was drunk so there was a minor fight. She scolded him and he left. Sumati says Akshat isn’t only her friend, he is her husband as well. Especially in the starting days, one has to be extremely conscious. Niyati says what if someone asserts himself. Sumati advices that self-respect should never be lost; it increases the stubbornness of the other. But she must keep in mind there is a fine line between self-respect and ego; ego spoils the relations. She sends her outside to make Akshat up, he must be in the garden outside.

Tantra 12 February 2019

Kanchan was in the jail. A lady constable brings the news to her that Akshat left Jalsa. Kanchan thanks for her task. In return, the lady constable asks Kanchan to do magic for her promotion. Kanchan was happy and says Niyati must be ready for many such nights in future.


Akshat was walking in the middle of deserted street. A car reaches right behind him giving horns. A girls appears from the window and asks if he is dumb. Akshat apologizes that he didn’t pay attention. He comes to ask for a life from the girl, he isn’t in his senses. She suggest him to go to a hospital or police station. Akshat gets into the car, terrifying the girl. Akshat says neither hospital nor police station, he wish to go to an isolated place. The girl shouts at him to get out of her car. Akshat says he got married tonight, his wife pushed him out of the house; can she be his wife for tonight? The girl runs out of her car down the street. Akshat comes out with reddened eyes.

Tantra 13 February 2019

PRECAP: Tantra 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update Niyati asks Akshat to drive carefully. Akshat notices the car breaks didn’t work. He asks her to jump off the car. Her seat belt was tight. Niyati swears Akshat to jump off the car. Akshat rolls on the road and smirks as the car blasts ahead.