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Tantra 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Tantra 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Tantra 5 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Tantra full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Prithvi comes to Niyati and says this is Sunaina, her real mother. Sunaina says a mother recognizes her daughter from their heartbeat. She recalls feeling discomfort when she first saw Niyati. She asks Niyati if she won’t hug her. Niyati looks towards Sumati and says may be her heart never missed her because she had accepted Sumati as a mother. Can she call her (Sunaina) Choti Maa (Junior Mother)? Sunaina says Niyati may call her with any name, she can never replace the mother in whose laps Niyati was brought up. She hugs Niyati saying it’s enough for her that they met. Sumati was emotional and leaves upstairs. Prithvi says their celebrations have doubled, Sunaina and Kanchan are now in this house. Niyati also met her sister. Kanchan thinks tonight will be double deaths in the house. Niyati thinks she will now see how Kanchan and Saudamini can adversely affect her family.

Tantra 5th February 2019

In the room, Niyati felt weak when Sunaina comes to her and place a hand over her head. Tears fell off both’s eyes. Sunaina brought kheer for Niyati and asks her to consider this as the first bite from her mother. Niyati nods approvingly for the taste. Sunaina says she always complained God for death of her child, but she is now thankful as God sent Prithvi as an angel. Sunaina holds Niyati’s hand and notices Niyati suffered with fever. Niyati says may be because of changing weather. Sunaina says her eyes are swelling, while her face is also drooling. She has heard a lot of weird things about her in the house; can she explain? Niyati says she will realize tomorrow morning what’s true and what’s only an illusion of mind. She silently wish she and Akshat are successful in what they wish to do. Guru jee was doing his Mantra. Inside the party at Jalsa, Prithvi makes an announcement that their deal has been finalized which was being negotiated for last two months. From today, their company made name in the list of international organizations.

Tantra 5 February 2019

In the party, Kanchan looks for Niyati. She watches Saudamini come inside and points towards Sumati. Saudamini comes to Sumati and greet her, it’s the last night. Sumati was quizzical. Saudamini explains she is leaving the city tonight. Sumati says Saudamini doesn’t need to leave the city and Niyati will have to apologize her. Sumati goes upstairs. Saudamini smirks that Sumati will die even before Niyati. She works with her Tantra. Saudamini was shocked to see Sunaina there and hides herself.

Akshat comes making a video of Kanchan and asks if she can find Niyati around in the party. The good news is, Niyati found the roots of Tantra and their Guru jee even started the Pooja. Soon Niyati will take Sumati there and Kanchan will soon be in jail. He walks away with a smile on his face. Sunaina senses Saudamini was around and finds her in the party. Saudamini finds Akshat and Kanchan speak to each other. She wonders where Kanchan is headed to. Niyati appears upstairs where Akshat gives her a thumbs up. Niyati thinks Kanchan will now lead them to the roots of Tantra. Kanchan holds a knife and walks towards around Jalsa.
Niyati comes to Akshat and says it’s time to tell everyone about the truth. They turn around to see Akshat and Niyati together.


Kanchan was removing the trunk from over the hole of basement. Saudamini comes to take her and says someone has fooled her. Had someone known about the place, she would also have known. They turn to see Sunaina standing behind.

Prithvi questions what Akshat is doing, though he warned him to stay away. Sumati says Niyati must have invited him from some Tantra. Niyati says they will soon get their answers. Akshat plays the video on the LED. Sunaina complains to Saudamini that she warned her stay away from her daughter. Saudamini says Kanchan herself wants to revenge her father’s death from the family with Tantra. Sunaina slaps Saudamini and says it was Saudamini who provoked her husband to go against his family and commit suicide. She regrets bringing Kanchan to Missouri. Kanchan holds a knife at Sunaina and says she will now finish off anyone who intercedes her path and doesn’t let her revenge for her father, be it Niyati or Sunaina. Sunaina says if she wants to kill her mother, she may go on. Kanchan attacks Sunaina but someone holds her hand in midair. It was Niyati who claims Sunaina has another daughter as well.

Tantra 6 February 2019

PRECAP: Tantra 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update Prithvi fix Niyati and Akshat’s marriage with JK. There were celebrations in Jalsa. Kanchan thinks she will now do Tantra over Niyati and Akshat’s marriage and turn Akshat into a devil.