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Tantra 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Tantra 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Tantra 6 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Tantra full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Niyati and Kanchan wrestle with dagger held towards Niyati. The family had reached there. Akshat prevents Kanchan from attacking Niyati. Sumati comes to Saudamini and slaps her while she was tied to a pole. Niyati says it’s because of Saudamini that their Nirwan lost his life, and Mohan and Geeta were engulped by the walls of Kanchan. Even Kanchan is involved in this game. Prithvi says they must be in jail and tells Akshat to call police. Kanchan gets her ropes loosen and leaves home. Akshat tells Prithvi they can find Kanchan later on, but firstly there is a spot in Jalsa where Saudamini had done Tantra. Its somewhere in the store room. Guru jee comes and asks them to lead him towards that place. Sunaina was ready to take them to store room where Kanchan was involved somewhere. Guru jee works with a Diya and says it will lead them there.

Tantra 6th February 2019

He works with his Mantra. Guru jee points towards the trunk and asks them to remove this trunk. Akshat pushes the trunk aside, Prithvi joins him in the force. There was a hidden door underneath, Akshat pulls the door. Everyone was taken aback as they look at the Tantra in the basement. Saudamini was worried that if that Tantric succeeds to undo her Tantra, her Tantra will itself be against her. She place her eye over a glass on the table.

In the basement, Sumati watches the family’s photos and cries watching Nirwan’s photo with the cross of blood over it. Guru jee tells Niyati to sit for the Havan, they can’t lose a single minute. Niyati’s condition worsen as Guru je performs the Mantra.

Tantra 6 February 2019

There, Saudamini had taken hold of a glass piece from the broken glass and untie her rope. Niyati’s nose bleeds. Guru jee says the Tantra had started with the blood of Niyati’s father, it can only be undone with Niyati’s blood. Niyati holds a dagger. She says he was wrong, the story started with the blood of Pratab Khanna but it will be undone by the daughter of Prithvi Khanna.
Saudamini takes a knife on her way to basement.

Niyati marks a cut over her wrist. Saudamini entered the basement and was about to attack Niyati. Niyati’s blood drips over the Havan. Saudamini and her infused Tantra across Jalsa burns on itself. Jalsa was covered in black smoke all around. Saudamini loses her life. Guru jee announces that the devil infused in the house is gone. Sumati cries and opens her arms for Niyati, helping her stand while she was weak. Prithvi holds her hand and asks Guru jee what happened to her. Guru jee says Niyati kept it hidden from them, but with the rise of tomorrow’s sun Niyati will leave this world. She succumbs herself for her family, there was no other remedy. Niyati apologizes Prithvi and asks Sumati to say once that she has forgiven her. Sumati cries and kiss her forehead saying she is apologetic to Niyati for misunderstanding her. She can’t bear to lose Niyati.

Akshat asks Niyati how he will live without her, I love you and can sacrifice my life for Niyati. Prithvi looks towards Akshat. Niyati confess her love in tears for Akshat. Prithvi and Akshat requests Guru jee to save Niyati. Sunaina says there is a way out. If its life for life, blood for blood; then this life can be hers as well. Guru jee says she will have to vow as Niyati vowed. Sunaina asks him to begin, she will do what Niyati vowed for. Sunaina now marks a cut on her wrist while Guru jee intensifies his Mantra. The blood drops in the Havan, Sunaina fells on the floor. Niyati bends to hold her hand and asks why she did so. Sunaina says she gave birth to Niyati, she can also give her life. She gives Niyati’s responsibility to Sumati like she has done earlier. She only wants to hear the word Maa from Niyati. Niyati calls her Maa, Sunaina lose the battle of her life.

A few days later, it was morning in Jalsa. JK asks Prithvi why everyone is silent. Sumati says JK was badly mistaken. Prithvi laughs and hugs JK and asks why he couldn’t notice that their children are in love. He announces that from friends to business partners, they are going to be Samdhi. Niyati and Akshat come together. Everyone gets serious at once. Akshat was worried and asks what happened. Sumati walks to Niyati seriously, but covers Niyati’s head with her Pallu. She then smiles that everyone is thoughtful how they will look at bride and groom. Relieved, Niyati and Akshat smile at each other. Akshat and Niyati head to take blessings from Sumati, JK, Prithvi and the rest of family. Prithvi decides for their marriage at the earliest available date. Kanchan stood outside and thinks she will do such a Tantra over Akshat and Niyati’s marriage that their life will turn into hell.


At Jalsa, everyone was excited about the ongoing wedding preparations. Prithvi drags Sumati into a corner bending over her. They share a deep stare. Sumati asks if he wants to say something. Prithvi says right now he only has to thank her, his dream has come true. They were really distant for years, she accepted Niyati as a daughter. Sumati regrets she never shared motherly love with Niyati. Now she wish Niyati lives with her but it’s time for her wedding. She is happy for her daughter’s marriage, but what about the hollow she will leave. Prithvi says their relation has also turned hollow. Their difference have taken them much away from each other. Prithvi holds her closer to himself. Sumati’s brother comes to take her as the jeweler is here. Sumati joins Dadi and Nani for the jewellry selection. Mansi comes there and was about to try the mangal sooter but Sumati forbids her. A Pandit comes to meet Sumati and gifts a sindoor Guru jee sent for Niyati. Guru jee himself had to leave for some task and won’t be able to attend the wedding. Kanchan comes into Jalsa in a veil and worker’s clothes. She thinks its because of Niyati that she had to lose her mother, and Saudamini had to go to mental hospital. She will snatch every happiness from Niyati’s life.

Niyati was in front of mirror in her room. The window of her room suspiciously opens. Niyati was suspicious and walks to the window. Akshat appears at once, Niyati jumps back terrified. Akshat says he came to meet his wife. Niyati corrects she isn’t his wife right now, their wedding is in the evening. It’s already said that husband and wife must not see each other before wedding. Akshat turns his face the other side but wished to speak to her. Niyati removes her bridal dress and asks what it is about.

Akshat says they have faced a lot together since childhood, but from now onwards she is his responsibility, he will face every trouble for her. He holds her closer and asks if she has nothing to promise? Niyati promises to feed him to triple of his weight within next two months of marriage and laughs. Akshat asks her to promise that she will never leave him. They hug each other. Niyati says Akshat has been with her in her difficult times, she promises to never leave his side. Akshat leaves her at once as Sumati comes in. They make up that it seems the floor is slippery.
Sumati was in a serious mood, she scolds Akshat and Niyati that it’s important to follow the rituals of marriage. She didn’t expect this from him, but now it’s important to tell the elders about it. She takes them downstairs.
In the hall, Prithvi also joins the family. He asks Akshat what he is doing here. Sumati says he was caught in Niyati’s room, now they must select his punishment. Dadi scolds Akshat for ruining the traditions pre-wedding. Prithvi takes his phone to call JK. Akshat forbids Prithvi, and promises to not do this again. He was ready to promise he won’t go to the room Niyati would be in. Dadi wonders if he won’t live in the room Niyati is in. Everyone break into laughter while watching Akshat sweat.

Akshat whispers that Niyati got good class of his. Nani says she must have been tensed if Akshat hadn’t done any of such act. Prithvi tells Akshat that he loves Niyati even more than what they all have seen till today. Niyati is his daughter, his life and he can’t bear a single tear in her eye. He says on a serious note that none is worse than Prithvi Khanna. Akshat promises no pain, no trouble and problem for Niyati; he will stand between any troubles in way of Niyati. Kanchan works black magic over the jewellry thaal and the sindoor sent for Niyati. She removes her veil and says Niyati can’t realize the severity of her Tantra. The whole world will witness the drama of her married life now. Guru jee opens his eyes as he sense that the Sindoor he sent for Niyati has been unpurified. He can’t let Niyati wear that Sindoor.

Tantra 7 February 2019

PRECAP: Tantra 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update Guru jee was on his way when he notices someone was behind him. Kanchan was in the forest and thinks as soon as Akshat fills the sindoor in Niyati’s hairline, she will witness her Tantra work.