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Tantra 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Tantra 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Tantra 7 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Tantra full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Tantra 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Niyati cries placing her head over Akshat while he doesn’t move. Akshat wakes up to everyone’s relief. Niyati hugs him and cries. Kanchan smirks that finally Akshat is alive, and now he will work as per her instructions and no one from Khanna family will be safe. Dr. Daksh tells Sumati that this amulet will only work for next 28 days, and meanwhile they must find the Tantra done over Akshat. Only then they can break it.

Tantra 7th March 2019

Niyati notices Akshat wasn’t on his seat. Akshat runs outside Jalsa and says he has turned to a devil, he has endangered Niyati, Prithvi and Sumati’s lives. None can break Kanchan’s Tantra. Daksh promises to find a solution for this Tantra. Akshat says there surely is a remedy and its his death. He walks outside Jalsa to stand in midst of a busy road. Dr. Daksh breaks the mirror of.

Tantra 7 March

a window using a nearby stool, they run outside. Akshat was apologetic to Niyati that he couldn’t be a good husband in this life, but in the next one he will surely try his best to prove a good husband. He says I love you Niyati. Someone drags him aside, it was Niyati who hugged Niyati and cried. Sumati calls from the other side of the road that he isn’t at the wrong. Niyati says Akshat cannot leave in her in the middle of this all. Akshat watch a truck heading closer and asks Niyati to go home. When the truck was close, he pushes Niyati aside and himself gets hit by the truck. He flies in the air and fell back on the floor, bleeding badly. The amulet came off Akshat’s neck.

Tantra 7 March 2019

Dr. Daksh says his amulet has broken. It’s now dangerous for them to go nearer to Akshat; he drags Sumati and Niyati to a side. Niyati says they must take Akshat to the hospital. Dr. Daksh says without an amulet, Akshat can do anything to anyone now. Akshat wakes up and behaves robotically, cracking his broken body with his own hands. Niyati and Sumati were terrified to see him as a ferocious beast. Dr. Daksh says Akshat is the most dangerous beast whose only aim is to destroy their family. Akshat watches Niyati and Sumati run with Dr. Daksh.

Tantra 7th March

The three run and hide inside Jalsa. They watch Akshat walk towards Jalsa. Dr. Daksh warns Niyati that the dark powers are behind Niyati that’s why Akshat took her name. He forbids Sumati to come in front of Akshat and asserts that Niyati must come in front of Akshat in order to distract him. He hands Niyati a protective amulet which will save her from the effects of Tantra and Akshat. Sumati was afraid who would save her daughter if this is also broken. Niyati asks Sumati to have faith on God.
Akshat comes inside and calls Niyati’s name.

PRECAP: Niyati sends Dr. Daksh and Sumati upstairs and comes to Akshat. Akshat grabs his neck to finish her and her family off.