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Tantra 8th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Tantra 8th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Tantra 8 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Tantra full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Tantra 8th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Akshat’s eyes glow red as he spots Niyati into a corner. He flies towards the corner. Niyati stood back in the hall. Akshat remembers Niyati’s last call. Niyati thinks he doesn’t remember anything after the amulet had been tied. Akshat asks Niyati if she would reveal his secret. He clutches Niyati’s neck but was pushed back himself. Dr. Daksh tells Sumati this is how the protective locket works. Niyati will be safe. Akshat questions Niyati if she deems herself safe with this minor locket. He will finish and destroy her whole family. Niyati boasts that good always win against devil. Akshat says he isn’t a mere black power sent by Kanchan into Akshat’s body, he is capable of much greater things. He raises his hand and makes a couch fly over Niyati’s head, falling back. He is much stronger than

Tantra 8th March 2019

her Akshat. He says he can go to any extent to kill her and her family. Akshat runs outside. Sumati and Dr. Daksh come downstairs. Niyati says they now know what kind of Tantra it is, Akshat has been occupied by some soul. Dr. Daksha says it’s a soul whom Kanchan controls, and is filled with grief and fury. They must find out whose soul it is. Niyati asks Dr. Daksh to find out about the soul really soon. They requests Dr. Daksh to find out some method, he needs used clothes of Akshat. Niyati goes to bring an old shirt of Akshat. A car stops by. Sumati says they must tell everyone. Niyati was of the view that if they tell everyone, Akshat will openly attack others. They ask Dr. Daksh to stay out of their sight. He sends the ladies outside till he can fix every setting.

Tantra 8 March

Sumati and Niyati happily run outside. Niyati hugs Prithvi. Prithvi asks if everything is fine. They head to go inside, Niyati asks about everyone else. Ashutosh says they have stopped behind for shopping. Prithvi asks everyone to come inside, they are tired. Niyati says they missed them all greatly. Prithvi asks Niyati about Akshat, they left him to wait for her. Niyati was speechless. Akshat comes from behind and replies here he is. Sumati and Niyati were terrified. Prithvi asks Akshat why he is wandering outside, didn’t he stay to take care of Niyati. Akshat says Niyati may better reply. Niyati says there was some important work, he left only a few hours ago. Prithvi watches a broken window. Sumati explains they were locked inside by mistake, Akshat went to carpenter. Akshat says carpenter was busy today, he will be here tomorrow.

Tantra 8 March 2019

Sumati and Niyati follow others and were relieved as Dr. Daksh had taken care of everything. Akshat had carried their bags inside and goes to bring water to them. He serves them glass of water and inquires about the function. Dadi’s knee were in pain. Akshat offers to massage his knees and his pain would soon vanish. Sumati instinctively says he can’t do so. Akshat asks why so. Sumati qualifies he is the son in law of this family, they can’t take any sins over their head. Prithvi claims Akshat is their son. Sumati says no matter what, Maa ji believes this old school of thought. Dadi agrees.

Tantra 8th March

Akshat now asks Prithvi what’s his business plan further. After all he is the son of this house. Prithvi says he will have to take care of the business ahead. Sumati forbids Niyati to be soft towards Akshat. Niyati remembers his old shirt and goes to bring one. Akshat watches Niyati go upstairs. Sumati goes to bring tea for them.
In the room, Niyati couldn’t find any used shirt of Akshat. She wonders where she will get a used shirt. Prithvi goes to freshen up and complains of a back ache. Ashutosh says after all he drive from continuous seven hours and goes to bring balm. Akshat’s eyes flash red and he walks behind Prithvi to grip his neck. Sumati came there with a tray of tea for herself.

PRECAP: Dr. Daksh warns them that the game might get more dangerous. Akshat calls Niyati and asks if she will be here after everyone is dead. He waves at Ashutosh as the chandelier above him moves viciously.