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The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review:

The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review: Akshaye Khanna steals the show in this tale of power and politics The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review: Akshaye Khanna and Anupam Kher’s chemistry and performances are the high light of this film Ever since The Accidental Prime Minister was announced, there has been a certain level of curiosity around the film. The trailer also got an immense response on social media. There is a certain section that has branded it as a propaganda film while others are simply curious to know what light will it throw on the relationship between former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the then ruling party. The film has piqued the curiosity of every politically aware person as well as others. Is The Accidental Prime Minister a pure propaganda film or is it a cinematic adaptation of what former media advisor Sanjaya Baru felt about the PM…Read on…

What is it about?
The film traces the journey of Dr Manmohan Singh as our PM for two terms and some of his decisions that were a matter of debate for the political circles, media and the general public. From the nuclear deal to the Balochistan matter, it explores all the main decisions made by the PM. Was he really a puppet as he was made out to be in popular media or was he too loyal to one political dynasty? The questions are interesting but does the film have answers to them…
What is hot…
The best part about TAPM is the casting. Hats off to the team that scouted for actors who look exactly like Indian politicians. The audience could identify each one of them. We mean, just check out the actor who plays the late BJP stalwart, Dr Atal Bihari Vajpayee. While much has been spoken about Anupam Kher’s transformation into Dr Singh, it is Akshaye Khanna who drives the film. He brings alive the character of the intelligent, street smart, sharp and loyal media advisor and it is sheer joy to see him on scren. Snazzy formal wear makes him look great too. Suzanne Bernert as Sonia Gandhi is also very competent. Divya Seth Shah as Gursharan Kaur sparkles in the film. For a first time director, Vijay Ratnakar Gutte has a decent grip over the narrative of a controversial topic. It does not slacken it’s pace anywhere. The film is peppered with wry humour and we do see glimpses of the human side of Dr Singh, who people know as a stoic and quiet man.

What’s not
We have references to the nuclear deal, Balochistan and finally the slew of corruption charges before the 2014 elections. While the film showcases his apparent real feelings about the developments, it is all at a superficial level. The film refers to him as the Bhishma of Indian politics but it fails to show his emotions on being called a puppet PM. There are a couple of scenes where Kher looks very caricaturish. The second half might come across as a little condescending towards the current opposition party but it’s finally. Lastly, the film is not too in-depth to hold the attention of the politically savvy and not very lucid for those ignorant about politics.
The Accidental Prime Minister is a different film and one must laud the courage to pick up something so controversial. However, it needed better execution to make a real impact. It is a definite one time watch with its breezy narrative, superb casting and of course Akshaye Khanna who shines like a diamond. Does it redeem the image of Dr Manmohan Singh? Not as well as it was expected to…
Rating:2.0 out of 52.0 Star Rating

Reviewed by Urmimala Banerjee
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