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The Voice 16th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online The Voice 2nd March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot The Voice 16 March 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial The Voice full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I can’t tell about the reports, to whom this belongs. Bela smiles. Veer gives a stare to Krishna and leaves as if he doesn’t care to know. Shukla shouts on Krishna. He asks Bela to do whatever she wants, he can’t handle this now, he is going mad. Sunaina scolds Nayani and asks do you think what will happen if Krishna’s in-laws see that pregnancy reports. She asks are you too immature, Veer is right about you. Veer comes home. Sunaina says you would have met Krishna in the hospital, did you talk to her, I m trying to call her. He doesn’t answer. She asks again.

The Voice 16th March 2019

He says we shouldn’t talk about Krishna, she has cheated me, its enough reason for me to not talk to her, you won’t talk to her. Nayani says Krishna…. He asks what’s going on, I m your son, my career got ruined because of Krishna, why do you ask her, whatever is happening with her is right. Sunaina asks what’s happening with her, did you meet her, is she fine. He says yes, Krishna is pregnant, her reports state this, I didn’t know this, that Krishna is in love with someone else, the best part is, Shukla thinks Krishna and I have an affair, you tell me the truth. Sunaina asks did you save Krishna, tell me. He says no, I have no interest, she is a cheat. Sunaina says you did wrong, come with me to tell the truth.

The Voice 16th March

He asks but why. She shouts the pregnancy reports aren’t of Krishna, but of Nayani, who insisted Krishna to write her name on the reports, Krishna wanted to save your foolish sister, since Nayani was scared of you. Veer gets shocked. Nayani says I m sorry. Bela throws Krishna out of the house and insults her. The people look on. Bela asks Krishna to stay with her love and have ten children, since she enjoys it. She says Shukla is soft hearted, he got you home. She scolds Krishna. Shukla says everyone is watching this Bela, don’t ruin my respect, come with me. They all go in. Krishna cries and picks her bags. She leaves the house and gets emotional that Radhe got her into this house. People look on. Krishna says my dad taught me, the one who trust you don’t need any proof, and if one don’t trust you will never believe any proof. She goes. Nayani says Krishna could have told you everything and taken my name to save her respect.

The Voice 16 March 2019

Sunaina says you always believe that man dominates woman, your thinking changed, what did you do, you did wrong, your thinking was cheap, you didn’t help a helpless widow, you took advantage of her helplessness and took revenge on her. She says I m your mum, it doesn’t mean I will just listen to you. Veer says I don’t want to scare you, but keep you with love, if you couldn’t share this with me, I m at fault, trust me, I can always take care of you all and this coming baby. Nayani hugs him and says I was very scared. He goes. Sunaina says he should realize that he can also do a mistake, I will never tolerate this mistake. Veer asks Ajit about Krishna. Ajit says Krishna was in hurry, these are her reports, there was something wrong in her blood test reports. He recalls Krishna’s words and checks the reports. Kisse puchun….plays…. Krishna is on the way and recalls Veer’s words.

The Voice 16 March

He feels bad thinking of his own words. Krishna runs somewhere and shouts. Veer breaks the things in his cabin to vent out anger. Ajit and everyone look on. He leaves. Krishna cries a lot. She gets up and leaves. Veer comes to Shukla house. Shuklain says I got knee pain, ask Lali to get warm water. She sees Veer and says you…. Bela asks why did you come here. He says I have to talk to Krishna, where is she. Bela asks didn’t she reach your house, I thought you both will romance freely, where did she run. Shuklain asks Bela to stop it. She asks Veer to leave and just talk to Shukla about his work. He says I had to say sorry to you, whatever I told about Krishna was a lie, I have no relation with her. Bela says its a big confusion, Krishna is pregnant, she refused and you accepted, what’s this, you are now refusing, is this a joke or something. Shuklain says I have no interest in knowing your truth or lie, I just know that we are not related to Krishna, Shukla has thrown her out, we don’t know where is she. He gets shocked.

The Voice 16th March2019

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