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Udaan 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Udaan 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Udaan 12 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Udaan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Udaan 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Anjor making fun of Chakor. The students laugh on Chakor. Chakor catches Anjor’s mischief and gets scolding her. She taunts on her upbringing and mother who missed her duty to teach her good things. She scolds Anjor for misusing her parents’ love. Anjor cries and thinks my mum had no time for me and went with her lover. She asks Chakor how dare she tells anything about her parents. Chakor says you didn’t see my courage yet, call your parents here, ask them to meet me. The lady says if Anjor’s parents come, you will be questioned.

Udaan 12th March 2019

Chakor says I wanted Anjor to feel bad and she complains about me to her parents, I know to know Anjor’s problem, I don’t want her future to get spoiled. Minty asks Poonam to explain Anjor and keep that guy away from her. Poonam agrees. Chakor
says Sameer, I have to meet your GF. Sameer says its time for my class. Chakor tells about his GF’s mum scolding Vanshika by coming home. He worries. Chakor says I want to meet her and explain. Chakor comes to the class and says I will be handling the play. Prakash says now Chakor will know your GF is Anjor.

Udaan 12 March 2019

Chakor asks everyone to read the script and then enact the scene so that she can choose the best actors. Everyone plays the part. Chakor selects few students for the play. She doesn’t select Anjor. Anjor gets angry. Reema says why didn’t you select Anjy. She has played lead role last year and won a prize too.

Udaan 12th March

Chakor says many times, plays are different, characters are different, Anjy isn’t fit for this role, this play is imp for this college. Anjor says you are taking revenge on me, I got trophy for this college since three years, stop this drama, everyone knows I m a good actress. Chakor says I m sure, I believe your talent, but I don’t believe you. She says call your parents to the college, I want to meet. Anjor says it will be proved costly for you.

Udaan 12 March

Sameer asks Anjor to please listen. Anjor leaves. Sameer follows her. Kiku praises Jatin. Jatin says my daughter is qualified, she will manage my business. Minty says but she isn’t your own daughter. Anjor comes and says I want to be alone for some time. Sameer comes and says I want to talk to Anjor, she is in a bad mood. Anjor tries to hurt herself. Sameer comes and stops her. She asks how dare Chakor make me out of this play, she ruined my life, why did she come back in my life. Sameer gets thinking. Anjor says she has done wrong with me. Minty tells Poonam about Sameer. Minty and Kiku fill Poonam’s ears against Sameer, who is taking advantage of Anjor. Anjor vents out anger. Poonam comes and hears her. She thinks this new teacher has just Anjor a lot. She asks Anjor to come with her. Anjor asks where. Poonam takes her. Sameer says what’s happening. They reach the college. Anjor thinks what will happen if mom sees Chakor. Poonam doesn’t listen and wants to meet Chakor.

Precap: Poonam says no one has made Anjy cry, she made Anjy cry, call her here, I have to meet her. Chakor comes there. Anjor worries.