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Udaan 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Udaan 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Udaan 17 May 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Udaan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Udaan 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Anjor coming to apologize to Poonam. She asks her to gave food. Poonam says Chakor is unwell, she needs you, go and spend time with her. Anjor holds ears and says sorry. She sings I m a fool…. sorry sorry…. She dances and tries to convince Poonam. Poonam forgives her and hugs. Sameer looks on. He says sorry, I came to tell you bye, Kiku has done this, but we have seen a woman in the CCTV footage, a woman attacked Chakor, we shouldn’t neglect this and find that woman soon. He goes. Minty is angry and tells Kiku that she will see everyone when she gets a chance. Kiku says Poonam didn’t do right with me. He hides when Poonam comes there.

Udaan 17th May 2019

She asks Kiku to come out. She gives money to Kiku and asks him to enjoy now. He asks her to give him more money. Minty says he should get more money, give him a credit card, what if he tells everyone, it will be problem for you. Poonam angrily agrees. Its morning, Poonam asks driver to take her to the hotel. Sameer is in disguise of driver. He thinks everything will be known now. Chakor wishes Anjor and says I promise to make your birthday memorable this time. Anjor recalls childhood and gets emotional. She says Jatin isn’t here, he is with me always, don’t know where is he, I would like my dad to be here on my birthday. Chakor hugs her and says I will give you this gift. Anjor goes to get breakfast for her. Poonam hides and goes to meet Jatin.

Udaan 17 May 2019

Chakor talks to Sameer on call. Chakor says Poonam will come back and get busy in birthday party arrangements, we will go that time and get Jatin. Sameer agrees and leaves. Poonam says I got your fav pizza for you. Jatin gets angry on her and says you are doing wrong, the end will be bad. She throws pizza and asks him not to give lecture, once Chakor is exposed, everything will be fine. He says stop this game. She scolds him and puts tape on his mind again. She leaves.

Udaan 17th May

Sameer and Chakor come to the hotel. Chakor says its tough to find Jatin. He rushes to find Jatin. Jatin struggles to free himself from the ropes. He picks a knife and drops it. Chakor and Sameer check many rooms and don’t find Jatin. Jatin falls down the chair. He picks the knife and cuts the rope. He leaves. Chakor and Sameer come there and see the fallen chair and ropes. They don’t see Jatin. Chakor asks why is this room so messed up did Poonam keep him captive here, where did Jatin go, did Poonam do anything wrong with Jatin.

Udaan 17 May

Anjor is upset and talks to her friends about Jatin’s absence. She refuses to celebrate her birthday. Light goes off. Poonam comes with a cake and sings the birthday song. Anjor smiles and hugs her. She says Chakor didn’t come. Poonam says Chakor is sleeping, I didn’t wake her up, even if I woke her up, she won’t remember anything. Anjor cuts the cake. She feeds it to Poonam. Sameer and Chakor are on the way. Sameer says Poonam is dangerous, I m worried for Jatin. She says even I m worried for him. Reema thanks Poonam for the treat and goes. Anjor gets a call. Jatin calls her from PCO. He says Anjy, Poonam kidnapped me, she has attacked Chakor, until I reach there, don’t trust Poonam, she has gone mad. Poonam gets shocked hearing this.

Chakor says we have to find Jatin, he has seen her true avatar. The car passes by. Jatin doesn’t see Chakor. Anjor asks was it any imp call. Poonam says no, it was wrong number. She thinks to do something before Jatin ruins the game. She acts sweet to Anjor and takes her for a surprise. Anjor smiles.

Precap:Poonam takes Anjor blindfold. Chakor says Anjor’s life is in danger. Poonam asks the man to race the truck towards Anjor. Chakor sees Anjor and runs to save her.