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Udaan 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Udaan 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Udaan 5 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Udaan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Lallan coming to talk to villagers. He says Bhanu is ready to pay double price for your land, sell the land and take money, he will also benefit from it, but you will benefit the most. Imli says stop it Lallan, villagers won’t sell the land, go from here. Lallan says fine, your lecture won’t feed their stomachs. He goes. Imli comes to Chakor and says Bhanu is crossing his limits, we have to handle this alone without Raghav. Chakor says I won’t leave Bhanu. Imli asks how will you stop the villagers from selling the land, you have to stop them first. Chakor says its their land, they will decide about it. Imli says I have a solution for this.

Udaan 5th February 2019

Imli and Chakor meet villagers. Imli tells the plan to villagers and asks them to sell half of their land. Chakor likes the plan and asks villagers will they agree. The villagers agree to support them. Imli says you will have to give your consent on legal papers. The villager says we will do as you say. Imli messages Bhanu that the work is done. Bhanu smiles and sings. He sees Raghav and asks doctor to give him more shocks. Doctor listens to him and gives shocks to Raghav. Imli comes to meet Bhanu.

Bhanu asks her to get Chakor’s signs on papers and then he will get entire Aazaadgunj. Imli says you can’t win over Chakor so easily. He says I know she trusts you a lot, she will sign on papers. Raghav wakes up and tries to get up. He falls down and recalls his identity. He says my daughter is Anjor, love is madam Chakor Rajvanshi, I remember everything. He laughs and says you all can’t do anything now.

Udaan 5 February 2019

Bhanu and Imli argue. Raghav comes and hears them. He gets a phone and calls Chakor. He says I m in big trouble…. Imli disconnects the call. Anjor asks whose call was it. Chakor says no one. Imli says don’t take my test, I love you, I cheated everyone for you, Bhanu will not harm Chakor, he just wants land for his business, what is your problem. Raghav says you won’t get what you want, you will lose everything, your family also. Bhanu says this man is a snake, now I feel bad for you. He scolds Raghav and says he isn’t forgetting Chakor. Imli says I will pay any price to get Raghav. She says this papers will make the people’s life hell, I will go and get signs of those people, take care of my love. Raghav says you can’t ruin their lives, I will do as you say. She says I want to get your love. Bhanu sends her.

He makes Raghav fall and asks men to give him more shocks. Imli gets papers and tells Chakor that villagers have given land to her. She asks Chakor to sign papers. Chakor says yes, I will read it first. Imli thinks no, Chakor shouldn’t read the papers. Raghav is given more shocks. Imli says you should sign fast, villagers are waiting here to celebrate. Chakor checks papers and find it fine. She praises Imli and then signs on papers. Imli thinks don’t know what game Bhanu played, that Chakor didn’t doubt. Imli says congrats, your fate will change now, we will get happiness, we will get whatever we want. People chant Chakor’s name. Imli goes. Raghav is given more shocks.

Udaan 6 February 2019

Precap: Udaan 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update Imli says you got what you wanted, now give me what I want. Bhanu asks Lallan to get Raghav. Imli gets shocked seeing Raghav. She threatens to kill Bhanu. Bhanu stabs Imli. Imli calls Chakor and asks her to save her. Chakor cries.