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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Vighnaharta Ganesh 10 April 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Vighnaharta Ganesh full show episodes on Apne Tv.

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The episode starts with ravana walking towards lanka from kailash with mahadev’s aatma ling. Ganesh goes to stop ravana anyhow so that the aatma ling is established anywhere but lanka. Ganesh follows ravana into a forest. Ravana reaches the forest and says now I have to be quick and reach lanka because I know these filthy gods will try to stop me by creating problems and difficulties for me in my way, I cannot stop. Ravana looks at a lake and says there is water and I am thirsty, but I cannot stop as I have to reach lanka only then I shall rest. Ravana walks, he hears something in the back. Ravana stops and says who is it? Who is trying to create troubles for me? suddenly ganesh appears. Ravana gets angry and says it is you? I knew it you gods wont let me go. Ravana removes the chandrahas.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th April 2019

given by mahadev and he stands to defend himself. Ganesh says I came here for mahadev’s aatma ling. Ravana gets angry and says how dare you? Indra dev says even if ravana attacks ganesh, ganesh ji wont retaliate because ravana has the aatma ling. There ravana uses chandrahas and creates a shield around himself and says go away. Ganesh says at least listen to me, I came here to take the darshan of aatma ling. Ravana says what do you mean? Ganesh says mahadev is my father, and taking the darshan of his aatma ling before it goes to lanka would be grateful for me. ravana says ganesh ji, you are the son of my prabhu mahadev, that is why I respect you.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th April

ravana says but these gods have been trying to stop me, and I hope you are not doing it too. ganesh says no why would I come here to stop you ravana? You are the great mahabali ravana, who can try and even fool you? you are very knowledgeable, no one is as intelligent as you, why would I fool you? and you are the greatest disciple of mahadev so even mahadev himself has given the aatma ling to you then why would I come to take it back? Ravana says okay ganesh ji and he removes the shield and says ganesh ji, take the darshan of aatma ling.

vighnaharta ganesh sony liv 10 April

Ganesh does pranam and ravana says now I should go back to lanka. Ravana is going when ganesh stops him and says no wait ravana ji, don’t go like this. ravana says what do you mean? Ravana thinks why did ganesh ji stop me? ganesh says ravana ji, you are forgetting something and before you take the aatma ling to lanka you should know you have forgotten something, but anyway why do I care? Ganesh goes. ravana thinks ganesh ji is the god of intelligence, he knows what is best and he knows maybe I have forgotten something, I have to ask him. ravana follows ganehs and says wait prabhu, tell me what have I forgotten? Please tell me. ganesh walks and ravana follows him and tries to stop him. ravana says ganesh ji, I will keep following you until you tell me what I have forgotten, please tell me. ganesh says okay ravana, but you should know before you take the aatma king of mahadev, you should know the story of all 19 avatars of mahadev.

vighnaharta ganesh April 2nd 2019

Ravana says I am the great ravana, I am knowledgeable and I know all the stories of mahadev’s 19 avatars. Ganesh says is that so? Then you have to recite the stories before you take the aatma ling. Ravana says I will ganesh ji. Ganesh says but when the stories are recited, before that I have to give you some dakshina and I don’t have anything, so I better go back to kailash. Ravana says no wait ganesh ji, give me anything, even if you give me a stone I will accept it as my dakshina. Ganesh says no wait, I have something to give you. ganesh removes a gold pot and prays that mata please pour water in this pot until ravana drinks all of it and feels heavy to keep the aatma king. Ganesh says ravana ji, I shall give you this water to drink before every story you recite, that way my dakshina will be complete. Ravana says okay I accept it. Ravana drinks the water before the first story and starts, he says the first form of mahadev was Piplath, as you know the story of mata kali’s all 10 avatars and how she made the universe. After that mahadev took his first form of piplath, but in a way it was because of Karmafal data shani dev.

Precap:Ravana tells the story of the first avatar to ganesh while ganesh continues with his plan to make ravana drink more water.