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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Sudha and Rohan arguing. Aaliya holds Rohan’s hand and says let it be. Sudha looks on and goes. She says my plan was that Ishita will kick out Rohan, Bhallas will be out of his life, Ishita is smart, why didn’t she realize that Rohan fed sweets to Raman. Ishita asks how did someone spike food. Yug calls her and asks is everything fine. She says we will handle the complications. He says sorry, I couldn’t help, Ranbir and Vishal called me and were scared. She says thanks, I reached there because of your help. He says thanks, you purchased a lot from me, I got big commission. She says never take short cuts, don’t do anything that you get ashamed. He says fine, call me if you need help, I m always there for you. She thanks him. Vishal asks whom are you talking to.Everyone thinks who gave drugs to Raman. Ishita thinks what is it, which Raman had eaten alone. Rohan thinks that sweets box. He goes downstairs to find the box. He gets the sweets box and recalls Sudha’s words. He calls Sudha and asks her to come fast, there is a big problem. Sudha comes and asks the matter. He says I m going to get trapped, Raman has eaten these sweets, he knows that I gave this box to him, I will be caught. Sudha says its a big problem, don’t tell anything to police. He says no, but Raman will tell this to police, I feel very bad for him.

Sudha thinks he is such a big fool, he still cares for Raman. She asks him to take care and not get involved in this matter. She says come with me. He says relax, if I go, they will doubt on me. She asks how will they prove it, leave all this on me, I got these sweets for you, we didn’t do wrong, they won’t believe us, stay out of this matter, come with me. She sees police and worries. He says relax, I called the police. He asks inspector to arrest him, he has fed the sweets to Raman. He says I don’t know if sweets are drugged. He says Ishimaa, I didn’t have such intention, don’t misunderstand me. He asks inspector to arrest him. Sudha asks are you alright. He gets angry on Sudha and goes with police. Aaliya feels bad. Sudha cries.

Raman thinks of Ishita’s words. He sees Rohan and asks what are you doing here. Constable says you got bailed, come fast. Raman asks why is Rohan here. Constable asks him to ask inspector. Raman asks Ishita and Bala why did police arrest Rohan. Ishita says police arrested him, Rohan fed you sweets, police has sent sweets for testing, it was drugged. Raman says he is Sudha’s son, he can’t change, we can’t trust him. Sudha comes. Bala stops Raman. Sudha asks inspector to let her meet Rohan. Raman leaves with Ishita and Bala. Inspector says the sweets were drugged, its a serious case now, you hire a lawyer if you want to meet him, get bail papers. She says my lawyer will talk to you. Constable says your son said he doesn’t want to hire a lawyer, he doesn’t want bail. Sudha says I want to meet you.

Inspector says I can’t help you, just leave. Yug plays news. He sees the news that Raman was drugged and now he is released from jail. Yug says they are good people, Raman has got best CEO award. Ranbir asks are you done. Vishal says you got a gift for me. Yug shows Ishita’s pic frame. They ask why did you get this. Yug keeps pic in temple. Ranbir asks did you go mad to keep pic in temple. Yug says no one has ever done favors on me, Ishita is like Lord for me, we had committed her kidnapping, she has forgiven us and gave us a chance to move on, I m stable in life today because of her.

Vishal says you are very talented. Yug says I always listen to my heart, Ishita protected the minister, she didn’t care for her life, she is strong lady. Vishal jokes that Yug has gone mad. Yug says one more work is pending, I m going to Ishita’s house to thank her, even her husband got released from jail. Vishal asks him to check time. Yug says I will give her a box of sweets and thank her, I won’t go in front of her family, Ishita is very nice. He gets a call. He says I will get a sim card for you. He leaves. Ruhi says I knew Sudha is behind this, Rohan acted good, its good he is in jail. Bala says I never expected this from him. Ruhi says they will never reform. Mihika says we discussed that Rohan changed a lot, I m confused. Ruhi says Rohan should die in jail. Aaliya says you are wrong, Rohan changed, he isn’t wrong.

Precap: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2019 Written Episode UpdateSudha begs Ishita to save Rohan. Ishita refuses to help and says if you feel he is innocent, bring the culprit out. Yug saves Aaliya and holds her in arms. Yug says my boss.